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“ There was no A/C in the extremely hot weather, there were only four lockers in a six person bed room, the whole building smells badly and there is barely any place to cook food for yourself. The location is close to the main attractions but the directions and location on the map were unclear so it was hard to find. We did not stay long here and shortened our stay by a night. I would only recommend this place if you need a cheap place to stay for a night but otherwise you better avoid this place. ”

Emotions graph
emotion graph


Get valuable information by analyzing emotions in received survey

Contetino will warn you if some guest is upset or angry so you can take care of it carefully and solve the problem on time. It's important to use all the critics to turn them into something positive and avoid any bad feedback in the future.

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Get content analysis for better understanding

Contetino will highlight the most important keywords to make the review clear. You can save your time and focus on what matters.

Keywords table
Keywords table

Personality Insight

Get guest's personality characteristics

Positive reputation requires constant adjustment to your guests. With Contetino you can find out something deeper even if you personally don't know the guest.



Are you looking for something that will differentiate you from other companies? Are you interested in getting good ideas on how to enhance hotel guest experience? This is it.

Our smart machine learning algorithms allows your guests to submit more than just a survey. They extract emotions, key issues and even perform customer experience analysis. And they can do this even anonymously if you want to offer that option to your customers. Get in touch with a hotel guest to see what you can change in your business to get better guest reviews!

With our hotel guest satisfaction survey you can utilize guest feedback in order to increase bookings. Improve hotel reputation and guest satisfaction in a hotel. Get positive guest reviews and boost your hotel rankings! Manage and gather feedback directly from your guests and know exactly what they think. You can improve your services in case of a negative review. Try to avoid negative reviews by solving guest's issues on time and that way improve the quality of your service. By using a survey for guest satisfaction you can prevent negative reviews and increase guest loyalty to attract new hotel guests.

Analyze positive and negative mentions in hundreds of key concepts. Help deliver better guest experiences and exceed guest expectations. Our smart AI system analyzes the text to find positive and negative experiences. It offers customer emotion analysis by text recognition. That enables you to have improvements with the most impact. With oursmart Al you will find out how to improve guest satisfaction in a hotel by knowing what bothers your guests the most.